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Sonia Gandhi sues Arnab Goswami for asking her child 'out of syllabus' questions

03, Feb 2014 By mohitnatoo

New Delhi. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has reportedly filed a case against news reporter Arnab Goswami for having asked many ‘out of syllabus’ questions to the party vice president Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul vs Arnab
The interview under scanner

Sonia claims Arnab had no courtesy of listening to his guest and still continued to throw verbal assaults on Rahul. Sonia Gandhi says “Arnab says he would attend my son’s speeches if he had to listen to his policies. Till now, Arnab had never attended any of my son’s speeches. He must surely be trained by the opposition party leaders. This is not the way how one should interview a person who has seen his father die and his grandmother go to jail and also die.”

The Congress president, along with Rahul Gandhi called for a press conference inviting faking news reporters. When asked Rahul to lay a talk about the claims put forward by his mother he says, “let me tell you what Rahul Gandhi has to say about frankly speaking. Let me be more specific. Frankly speaking, Arnab is not the main problem at hand. The main problem lies with the system. We want to empower the women.”

Our reporters, when mentioned Rahul that he had missed point about bringing youth to politics, Sonia Gandhi interrupted saying” this is the influence Arnab had had everywhere. No one even bothers of what the answers my son has given. People fail in exam because they don’t give answer to questions. Here my son gives answers but you don’t ask those questions.”

When asked about the fact that the frankly speaking had been globally watched and been trending throughout the web, Rahul says “What Rahul Gandhi says is if you see the hashtags, people have used #RahulVsArnab more than #ArnabVsRahul. So this just means Rahul is globally ahead of Arnab. Because he has nothing to worry even if he is behind. I have seen my father and grandmother die and my mother has called this press conference to convey that the system needs to be changed and youth should be brought to politics along with women empowerment.”

Sonia also has a message to to Arnab saying “THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW what made you ask my shehzada questions that were out of his syllabus? I will see you in the court and shall make you promise me that you will NEVER EVER EVER ask such questions that are out of syllabus to ANYONE, I MEAN ANYONE.”