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Sonia Gandhi hires Chetan Bhagat for writing her biography

02, Aug 2014 By Akshay Goel

In a move that would send shock waves in the print and media industry, Sonia Gandhi today made public the decision to hire Chetan Bhagat for writing her biography.

In an exclusive interview with the Faking News, Sonia Gandhi said, “I am growing tired of these ex-party loyalists who are making a mockery of not only me, who is a mere party president, but also of our loyal ex-PM Manmohan ji,” referring to impending release of autobiography of Natwar Singh and a recent book released by Sanjaya Baru.

Here at the Faking News, our analysts are still figuring out whom was Manmohan ji loyal to- Sonia Ganghi or the nation. This news also brings relief to Chetan Bhagat who has delivered a series of flops recently including “Revolution 20-20”. Some critics were even forced to suggest that Bhagat should stop writing now, after he wrote the script of Salman Khan’s “Kick”.

Sonia with autocrat son

Also present at the interview was the respected party chief Rahul Gandhi who incidentally has made a big name after doing an interview with Arnab Goswami in January this year.

When asked how he felt about the decision to hire Chetal Bhagat, Rahul promptly replied, “I believe in mother’s decision. Chetan Bhagat is a youth icon and lending words to his voice is a good decision that my mother made.”

When further quizzed upon Natwar Singh’s claim that it was Rahul who stopped Sonia Gandhi from becoming PM, Rahul said,”I am a champion of women empowerment.”

Nobody present at the press conference could decipher the hidden meaning in his statement.

Meanwhile, our analysts are trying to figure out if Rahul Gandhi possesses some form of higher intelligence not known to mankind. BJP supporters are nevertheless hoping that Bhagat would publish Rahul Gandhi’s opinions on all major aspects of the biography.

– by Akshay Goel (facebook profile)