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Sonia Gandhi blames son's incompetence on Maggi's chemical composition

05, Jun 2015 By desigNEE LOYalest

In a recent interview with Faking News reporter, Chulla Prasad, Miss Sonia Gandhi, when asked why his son was incapable of speaking anything but total B**lSh*t, she was first furious but then came to her senses and acknowledged the reality.

The conversation that happened can be read as follows:

Chulla: What would you say the reason is that your munna Rahul has repeatedly failed to speak anything that wasn’t total crap? Sonia Gandhi: What the hell!!

Chulla: Oh come on ma’am! Who are you kidding? Sonia: Okay…(sighs)..You see.. I have always been very protective of Rahul.I tried my best to ensure that he excelled in all aspects that were relevant to politics, especially his ability to reason. I even bought him a set of Logical Reasoning books written by KRK Himself. But unfortunately he has failed me ever since he was old enough to speak.

Chulla: Would you say this has got anything to do with he being from the Gandhi family? Sonia : Of course NOT! Gandhis have always been great thinkers and analysts. Just look at Priyanka. She is close to discovering an underground oil reserve just by using basic logic.

Chulla: Then what is it? Sonia: I have dedicated my entire life to the service of this nation.So, I haven’t been able to devote much time to look after my son’s nutritional intake. Due to lack of time, all I could afford to feed him was the 2 minutes Noodles, Maggi. Don’t you see the obvious?All the lead(Pb) that was present in it took away his ability to ‘lead’ this nation. Hence, I totally blame nestle for his incompetence and his lack of sense of logic. Now that it has been banned by the BJP govt, they have dug their own grave. Now there is no way I am letting my son eat anything but Doodh and Kheer.Now he will make up for all the embarrassment that he has caused us and himself time and again.

Chulla: Umnn…sure. I think it’s very clear now that the Gandhis indeed have their own way of reasoning and embracing logic.

Chulla realized there was no use asking any further questions. He has even taken a leave from work saying he needed to clear his head of all the crap that he had had to take in while interviewing first KRK and then Ms. Gandhi. His interview with KRK is yet to be published as we are still trying to figure out if his answers were real or if chulla was just having a bad nonsensical dream.