Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

“Sometimes Rahul speaks nonsense due to acidity in brain: Sonia Gandhi

07, Jan 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: Sonia Gandhi has today admitted that her son, Rahul, sometimes behaved weirdly and spoke nonsense due to high levels of acidity reaching his brain. Speaking to reporters from her 10, Janpath residence, Madam Gandhi even went to the extent of apologizing for Rahul’s ‘brain farts’.

“Will you stop for once?”

“Sometimes, Rahul has terrible acidity of the brain,” Ms. Gandhi said, in her unmistakable inimitable Italian accent which she has somehow managed to nurture even after three decades of staying in India. “That is why he says things like bee hive and escape velocity and tries to tear up ordinances. The Congress party sincerely apologizes to the nation for his actions and words.”

Speculating over the causes of this brain acidity, Ms. Gandhi said, “It is possible it all started when started going to Dalit people’s homes and eating their food. Till then, he had only had food specially imported for him from Italy.”

When asked what the Congress party was doing to solve the problem, Ms. Gandhi replied, “No more mutton or rajma chawal for Rahul.”