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So WhatsApp BJP and Congress?

23, May 2014 By adapoda

People do crazy things and then next they share it on Facebook and Twitter. So far these two social networking platforms have been stealing all the limelight of controversies even by chaiwaala’s and bus conductors of India.

What has been little known to the world is that WhatsApp is equally creating ripples and chaos around the world. Faking news brings you the latest and interesting happenings in the WhatsApp world.

Amid the scenes of jubilation outside his house, Modi with a cup of Chai in one hand and his latest gift from Tim cook’s Apple I6 on the other hand was relishing, reading and smiling at his last tweet to Chitrangada.

Suddenly his Whatsapp alerts saying that he has been added to the new group ‘We rule the world‘ by OBA.MA.M.US.  Modi became really happy when he found all the eminent world leaders in the group but slightly perturbed when Justin Bieber and Sunny Leone were also present in the group.

Everybody started welcoming Modi and started sending  congratulatory messages  ‘Hey Dude Congrats with Hi-Five smiley’. Despite Modi saying that he hates that symbol, people kept on congressing congratulating him with that smiley especially Bieber who quickly made ‘Hi-Fi Modi a trending topic on Twitter. Modi in a sheer disgust pinged ZOOKERBERG.M.US and asked to remove those smileys and include a lotus smiley for which he got an instant reply from Mark reading ‘ Jeez.. Relax buddy, you can’t MODIfy everything.

Congress ministers on the other hand were in complete dismay and have been hiding their faces even in their own lawn afraid of Google satellite and media. Ex-Technology minister must have warned them. So the call for the introspection meeting initiated by Rahul Gandhi was happening on WhatsApp presided under the leadership of  Sonia Gandhi.  Manmohan Singh lets an etch of annoyance, ugh.. still meetings.


Raul.ji  – Hey fellas, so we lost huh 😀

Shashi.T – Honourable VP, You could atleast open here with a better statement 😛

Raul.Ji – Shashi ? eh  what ? 😮

Shashi. T – Nothing, in big bang theory Sheldon doesn’t understand sarcasm 😉 😛

Madam. G –  Cut the crap and come to the point! x-(

MMS – :-l

Madam. G – Hey shoo. Whats the noise there? Raul baby si parla.

MMS has been removed from the group

Raul.Ji – sì ma 🙂 Guys, sorry for everything. I take responsibility for this loss.

Shashi. T – VP, I am not sure whether you have used the right smiley. It should be sad tears i guess .

Raul.Ji – ohhI am bad when it comes to expressing myself in Whatsapp

Shashi. T – Only in Whatsapp ? 😛 😛

Our reporters later got the screenshot of this chat history through silent sources and approached Shashi Tharoor and questioned him on his pun intended statements. Mr. Tharoor furiously denied and accused us for reading in between lines. He then shifted his attack to Whatapp, the application itself. “Whatsapp is a very complex application with number of smileys in it even greater than the number of constituencies won by NDA.

Even I get confused many times with the 10 different emoticons each for happy, sad, laughing, crying and other unfathomable emotions which only talented young actors like Alia Bhatt can understand” despairs Tharoor. He went on to defend Rahul saying that he is already reeling under pressure from not being able to understand the poor from their faces, arnab from his tone and The Hindu from its English language. ” Only thing he is comfortable with is Manmohan Ji’s silence. It is unfair to expect him to get such hi-funda jargon smileys, ” an agitated Tharoor added.