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So many AAPs, Election Commission confused about symbols for them

27, Jan 2014 By trishanku

Within a month of the grand success of the new political party AAP in Delhi elections, many other motley groups are forming parties with similar names in the hope of making it as good as AAP in the forthcoming general elections.

Inspiring many.
Inspiring many.

FN reporter caught up with one such group while its President, a young man in his thirties, was coming out of the election Commission.

FN : Sir, I understand you have submitted papers for the registration of your party. What is its name?

P: You got it right, baby! We are the Bhartiya Aaam Aadmi Party or BAAP in short; but I understand some other group has also applied for the same name. So, we have to wait and see.

FN: What is the hurry to register? How many members have you already got?

P : We have got 101 members. The minimum number needed by EC is only 100. The hurry is obvious – someone else may register our domain name , I mean party name, before us.

FN : You plan to fight general elections all over the country? Nobody knows your party!

P: We will soon initiate a membership drive and ask good and honest people, having LinkedIn accounts, to apply for being BAAP candidates in Lok Sabha elections. For each aspirant a processing fee of Rs 100,000 will be charged and this collection will be sufficient to meet our expenses, which anyway are minimal. The choice of our candidate will be done most transparently on the basis of internet voting and thus people will know us and the candidate simultaneously. The bio of the candidate they can see from the LinkedIn. All campaigning will be through Facebook, twitter , Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr and all other social networking sites. So virtually zero expenses.

FN : Any reason for choosing this name similar to the famous AAP party? What is the election symbol you are applying for?

P : Well, we are one up on them in many ways , some of which I have just explained. We will reveal the rest slowly. Election symbol : A father holding a baby!

FN: You are hopeful of winning in some seats.

P : It doesn’t matter! We will give employment to many IT professionals sitting on bench in big companies. Moreover this should give us enough experience and cash needed to do better next time. We are even open to negotiate our domain name, sorry , party name, with a good bidder.

FN reporter has reliably learnt that many other similar groups are applying for registration in the hope that they would make good money by way of the entrance/processing fee from the aspiring candidates. Some other parties that you may see in the general election are:

AAAAP : Aam Aadmi Aam Aurat Party ; Election Symbol : Man and woman sweeping the floor.

SAAP : Secular Aam Aadmi party ; Election symbol : A man wearing white pyjama and green sherwani.

PAAP : People’s Aam Aadmi party ; Election symbol : A spy camera

PAAPI ; People’s Aam Aadmi party of India ; Election symbol : AK 47

SAANP : Secular Aam Aadmi Nationalist party; Election symbol : Rattle snake

AIP : Aam Insaan Party; Election Symbol : A crowd of people coming out of Churchgate station at 6pm.

Other variants which are being actively considered are SAAAAP and SAAAANP , PAAAAP, PAAAAPI, PAIP, SAIP and SAINP. The election Commission is confused with the names and worried that it may run out of permissible symbols. Voters will have a lot of choice in April !!