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Smriti Irani wants to see 'Baa' as the next President

15, Jul 2014 By Manas Gupta

In what may seem as a half-expected, half-surprising answer, Smriti Irani, the Minister for Human Resource Development, said she wanted to see ‘Baa’ as the next President of India. Currently, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee is serving as the 13th President of India and assumed his charge two years ago.

Baa and Smriti. Image Courtesy: Aaj ki Khabar

Mrs Irani, who has been extremely close to her Baa, said she wanted to suggest her name as a tribute to the nearly immortal lady. Baa, who was the female head of the Virani family, has seen countless generations of her family being born and dying.

When asked why she wanted to see her as the next President, Mrs Irani, visibly radiant, said: “Baa is the root of the Virani family tree. She held the big family together. This illustrates her ability to hold our big nation and its people. For her, this will be a large family full of betis, bahus and saas. Moreover, she is over 200 years old. She is literally the First Citizen of this nation. She deserves to be the next President of India.”

Congress reacted at her preference saying that it knew Mrs Irani would try to bring her telly family into the government. They accused BJP of indulging in the disgusting and shameless acts of nepotism.

On the other hand, BJP supported Mrs Irani saying that Baa is a perfect choice for the next president. BJP leader, Mr Subramanian Swamy, said that he wanted to bring in the whole Virani family into the government as they all have dealt with murders, turnovers, divorces, industries, marriage and betrayal. “That’s what precisely the governmental affairs are,” he added.

Mrs Irani has not forgotten her love for Baa. And whether her love makes Baa the next occupant in the Rashtrapati Bhawan remains to be seen.