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Smriti Irani to teach catching sting operation camera

04, Apr 2015 By abhikar

With her eye able to catch the hidden camera in fabindia, Indian politicians have requested the HRD ministry to start an course on “How to catch,if you are being watched.”

Smriti Irani, has decided to lend her skills of finding hidden camera’s for course and have approved the course from HRD side.

Already, all AAP party’s members have decided to be part of this course as they claimed they are the biggest target from rival parties, their own party members and media.

Smriti Irani
Professor Irani will now give degrees

In fact so much is demand of this course that people from other fields like cricket (esp with fixing interests), bureaucrats (esp with fodder on mind), films (Shakti kapoor and his friends), corporate (Radia’s calling friends) have also decided to join this course.

The course module, starts with a prayer to Bangaru Laxman who was credited 1st person in India to bring popularity to sting operations by counting cash faster then cash machine on camera. Course content also has section,which describe in case you come on hidden camera then what to wear and quick makeup tricks for women especially.

Other then this course would be taught from jail by spy camera by the man who in India is credited to start this whole concept. Our own Tehelka chief – Tarun Tej-pal. His only condition is, he should be given a two min lift ride between lectures.

With such a high demand of course by most powerful people in India. Indian Election Commission is thinking to atleast make this course compulsory to be eligible to stand for any election. Even the gangster turned politician Hatela Bhai agrees that this course is career saver and swear by its importance.

On other side, 2-3 new videos of woman changing in FabulusIndia have come out on whatsapp and many MLAs in assembly were seen enjoying it and laughing at these women for not taking the course.

When asked a minister on what step government is planning for such offence, minister replied, “It is not the person who put the camera responsible its the woman who do not attend our award winning course on “How to Identify Spy Camera” responsible for such videos.”

He added further, “it is woman who are responsible looking at kind of cloths woman wear in changing room mainly reason for such videos and advised woman to dress decently in changing rooms.”