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Smriti Irani to introduce a new course in IIT called Selfie and Hashtag Engineering

14, Jun 2014 By chaitu

After her vision of establishing IIT in every state in India, Smriti Irani is now looking to add a new course of engineering to make sure the quality of the IIT’s are intact. In a press conference this evening, Smriti shared all the details starting from admission to the project evaluation. While the new cousre will be named Selfie and Hashtag Engineering (SHE), the admissions will be conducted in a portal where you have to upload your selfies with minimum 7 Hashtag’s and the one’s with more likes will make it to the IIT’s.

She can do it.
She will bring a change.

Smriti also identified the possibility of ending up with only girls in all the IIT’s as the admission has to do with the number of likes an individual’s selfie draws, Smriti made sure boys are given 50% reservation and made sure that there is balance in the number of guys and girls in the class. After hearing this consoling news, all those boys who were likely to get their gender transformed to girls to get an admit in IIT had postponed their plans of gender transfer as of now. But they are likely to review their decision while attempting CAT to get the reservation of girls.

Smriti also declared that duration of the course will only be a year. According to her,”Other Engineers waste 4 years in different departments(Electrical, Mechanical etc) to get into an IT company but SH engineers don’t have to wait so long. If SHE’s are willing to join an IT company, there’s a probability that 90% end up in the support project for which KT from a team mate would be enough. They can trade their selfie skills for a KT and others who unfortunately land in development projects have Google to help them” she said.

Getting into the academic part of the SHE, Smriti said, “Student’s will be trained extensively on how to take a selfie with a phone having 2MP camera initially and depending on their proficiency and how effectively they use tools like Instagram, Adobe Photoshop and the number of hashtag’s they use to capture each selfie, they will be given Lumia 1020 by the end of the course. Their project work would comprise of taking a selfie during a funeral and people like Obama, David Cameron and Helle Thorning might assist and access the performance off the students.”

Talking about the placements in the Core field of SHE, Smriti said, “Students who are good at taking selfies will be hired by FB and they will work there on training people to take better selfies. People good at writing s*%t using hashtag’s will be hired by twitter and they will make sure that #NOT #A #SINGLE #LETTER #IS #WRITTEN #WITHOUT #INCLUDING #HASHTAG. Based on the brand value of IIT, others will be placed in IT companies as well. We assure 100% placement and it’s our contribution towards a better world full of Hashtag’s and Selfies”. After all “Acche din aa gaye hai, Selfies aur Hashtag’s cha gaye hai”