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Smart phone to aid Rahul Gandhi to improve public perception; Candy Crush not allowed

12, Jun 2014 By ladycmgogo

In a press conference in New Delhi, Congress officially revealed a new strategy that involves using smart phones to improve Rahul Gandhi’s public perception. Congress spokesperson confirmed that one of the key areas of improvement for Rahul Baba was his attendance record in the parliament. Rahul’s abysmal attendance in the last parliament session garnered negative publicity and was highlighted by the opposition during elections.

Rahul Gandhi
“I won 44 games. You are wrong”

According to sources, Rahul was gifted a new smart-phone as a reward for his victory in the Amethi elections. Rahul was ecstatic on this new gift and said,

“Yay finally my dream of playing online games on the back bench has come true”.

Rahul has been asking for a smart-phone for a long time but the party supremo Ms. Sonia Gandhi has rejected these demands citing studies that claim adverse effects of smart-phones on children. Ms. Gandhi had given an in-principal approval for Rahul’s smart-phone last year, but the incident of MLAs watching porn in the Karnataka assembly made her reverse the decision.

The smart-phone however comes under the condition that all apps will be pre-approved personally by Mr. Kapil Sibal. Mr Sibal expressed gratitude to party high-command for entrusting him with this responsibility and said, “we cannot allow games like candy crush that can cause mental strain. We have instead allowed flappy bird and zoo break that can keep provide healthy exercise for baba’s beautiful mind”. Sibal claimed, “baba’s favourite app is zoo break and this time he will be in the parliament for all sessions!”