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Small time farmer Vadra goes from Pink Panter to Dhoti Wearer

27, Apr 2015 By kavita2000

The farmers rallying around Rahul Gandhi (or is it the other way?) has created a huge impression including the depth of the Gandhi family. Robert Vadra has been spotted minus his trademark pink pants and comfortably loose tees as he addressed a group of congress workers on the farmers’ trials and tribulations. Vadra was dressed in a baby pink dhoti-kurta (you can’t expect him to change colors too!) and seemed at ease in his new avatar that symbolizes his profession.

This is his way of showing solidarity with Rahul in his protest against the ‘Suit-Boot Modi Sarkar’. We have to thank Mr. Hooda who reminded a lot of us including the man in question, of Vadra’s poor farmer status. You only have to see him to believe it – years of toiling in the farm has taken a toll on his physique and the kurta hangs loosely on his tired biceps. He truly represents the lamentable conditions of the farmers of Haryana with his tottering gait and skin and bones persona.

Priyanka Gandhi, Robert Vadra, and Rahul Gandhi
Small farmer with Small common man, thinking for betterment of other small farmers and common man!

Vadra has apparently decided to be at the forefront of the agitation against the Land Acquisition Bill. He will fight plough for tractor alongside his brother-in-law to ensure that the farmers’ interests are upheld. The focal point of the congress land war will be the poster boy of the campaign – a dhoti-clad Robert Vadra. He was heard educating the party workers on the travails of earning a livelihood in the farming community.

He expressed anguish over the Governments, past and present, taking away the farmers’ lands at will with no compensation whatsoever. Vadra revealed documents, which showed how the small portion of ancestral land he owned has been encroached and reduced to a tiny bit of practically uncultivable land. His was the case in point used by Rahul when he cornered the Government on the farmers being denied their rightful land. We have from reliable sources that the extremely media-shy Vadra had to be coaxed by Rahul to come out in the open with his loss and near impoverished state. Once he decided to take the plunge, he is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that farmers like him are taken care of. As with everything else, he is pretty serious about this too.

Party workers and loyalists who listened in rapt attention surrounded him. On being questioned by a thoughtful Sanjay Jha, Vadra stated, “A large number of farmers like me have had to move into our extended family homes as living conditions on the farms became insufferable”. That led to a bout of coughing (has Kejriwal patented it yet?) and one could clearly see his pathetic working conditions had affected his health adversely.

Mani Shankar Aiyer quickly brought him a cup of hot tea to soothe his parched throat and he continued, “I am fortunate to have such a supportive family who include me in all their undertakings, but that’s not the case for a lot of my brethren”. He went on to add that this was the first launch of Rahul that would propel him to the forefront of the political horizon and he supported him wholeheartedly. The dhoti avatar was symbolic of Rahul’s fight for the farmers and against the Government. Talk of killing two birds with one stone! Then again, Robert Vadra has mastered that art, hasn’t he?

Kavita Nair-Fondekar