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Sitaram Yechury to organize Yoga Day for dogs

24, Jun 2015 By Nitin Gaurav Srivastava

Amidst the hullabaloo of International Yoga day that broke several world records, including the maximum numbers of controversies over a single event, CPM general secy Sitaram Yechury on Monday has announced that his party will organize International yoga day for dogs.

While addressing the reporters in a dog show he says that there is so much we can learn from dogs about the ancient Science of Yoga which can be traced back to the time when dogs were created. “Humans have learnt this art from Dog’s movements at first place”, he claims pointing at a dog stretching itself. “Health benefits form Dog’s movement can be understood from the fact that a dog never walks slowly, It always Jogs”, he asserted.

Sitaram's pet Dog Yog-Dog!
Sitaram’s pet Yog-Dog!

It is reported that same ‘Made in China’ Mats will be used for this mega event that Sitaram Yechury got from China at discounted rate on the request of Hon’ble Prime Minister. On being asked about the deal he said, “Aankhon hi Aankhon mein Ishara ho gaya, Baithe Baithe Jeene ka sahara ho gaya”. He was later accused of opening his umbrella whenever it rained in China by a twitter user.

CPM spokesperson has informed that directions have been issued to all the 9 MPs of the party to catch and assemble as many dogs as possible from their constituencies for the event that is expected to be recorded in Guinness book of world record. Chinese Embassy in India has also been contacted to bring dogs caught for Yulin festival in China, date of which is corresponding with this event.

When approached for comment, Yogi Adityanath said that those who are organizing such an event can go to China. Meanwhile Vice President Hamid Ansari was heard complaining that his dogs are not invited for the event.

CPM office also released photos of Dogs performing Yoga Asanas in support of Yechuri’s statement.