Monday, 19th March, 2018

Sir Jadeja to be hired as election consultant for congress

08, Mar 2014 By Anup Apasangi

Ravindra jadeja who is fondly known as Sir.Ravindra Jadeja to be hired as a election consultant for Congress party.RJ who has super natural power is expected to turn the fortunes for congress party.

After hours of analysis, data crunching Congress comitee decided to opt for Sir’s services

AICC comitee headed by Sonia Gandhi said “We saw a match in IPL where Ravindra jadeja shifted the bowling crease with his magical power and made RP Singh to bowl a no ball on the last ball to clinch victory, That was the moment we decided to hire him as consultant”

But the BCCI honcho Srinivasan was reluctant to give away Sir Jadeja to sinking ship known as Congress party.After hectic negotiation and brainstorming sessions by the Congress Srinivasan agreed to the move.Congress will inturn help Srinivasan to expand his business and Congress will be distributing pomphlet of India cements along with their election manifesto.

This move of Congress party has sent a shock wave across various political parties and the Saffron brigade headed by Modi said “We too are planning to hire unemployed cricket brothers who are the pride of Gujarat, I mean we will be hiring Irfan and Yusuf pathan”.