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Sidhu switching parties faster than techie switches jobs

17, Jan 2017 By yogesh911

Chandigarh. Glaciers are melting slower than ex MP Navjot Singh Sidhu’s career. IT employees have been amazed at the speed at which MP Navjot Singh Sidhu has been switching the parties. Sidhu joined the Congress yesterday morning and is being said to be a good decision joining party of his intellectual match. Sidhu resigned from Rajya Sabha in July and quit BJP with AAP dropping hints of his entry in the party.

"My motto is to defeat the party which I represent"
“My motto is to defeat the party which I represent, and then exit”

Sidhu’s resume was leaked on the social media and stated his condition to join any party as, “I should be projected as the CM candidate of the party for Punjab elections”. Finding no takers, Sidhu called Rahul Gandhi and promised that Congress party’s Asset Manager Robert Vadra will be given land at prime locations at subsidized rates if he becomes the Chief minister.

BJP Punjab spokesperson said that the party was more than happy with Sidhu’s departure as it was getting difficult for Amit Shah to bear his random poetry in official parties. Another BJP worker who did not want to be named said, “Amit Shah is throwing a huge party at his residence today and has asked me to get chakna”.

AAP had previously hinted at Sidhu’s entry in the party, today AAP’s Kumar Vishwas accused Sidhu for the Punjab’s drug menace. He also accused Sidhu of being a pot smoker and that he had never been sober on “The Kapil Sharma show”.

Meanwhile, the Indian Statistical Institute claimed the extraordinary trajectory of Sidhu’s career has helped them understand some really complex equations and claimed they have never seen something deteriorate as fast as Sidhu’s career.