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Sickvijay Singh: Renuka Chowdhury took the bribe for women empowerment

21, Mar 2015 By Shrimann Apmann

New Delhi: As the Telangana police registered a case of cheating and also under Prevention of Atrocities Against SC/ST Act against Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury for allegedly taking a bribe of Rs. 1.10 crores from an aspiring election candidate, senior party leader, Sickvijay Singh has come out in support of his colleague by arguing that it was all for the sake of gender equality and women empowerment.

Women Empowerment

“Everyone knows that the Congress is an honest party with zero tolerance for corruption. But, if there is one thing that our esteemed leader Shri Rahul (naam toh sunna hi hoga) Gandhi has taught us is the value of empowering the women in the country in every sphere of life. Since corruption is an integral part of India’s work culture it would be unfair to have only men be the faces of corruption in the country. Be it Lalu Prasad Yadav or A. Raja or Dr. Manmohan Singh men have always been the center point of corruption in the country , it is our responsibility to give women a  fair chance and give them a hero to look up to. Women can do whatever men can, and corruption is no exception.”

Femi-Nazis have also come out in the support of Sickvijay Singh’s comments.

“We have been oppressed for centuries. India is a sick society with sick men committing horrific atrocities against  the poor helpless women , at least this time it was a woman committing the atrocities. Men indulge in corruption worth hundreds and thousands of crores and yet here, when Renuka Ji has taken only 1 crore the men are creating a huge fuss about it.”

“We demand the male reporter apologize for publishing this report and also all men who have read it and commented on facebook, twitter etc do 20 dand-baithak,” a feminazi said.

Meanwhile , Kanimozhi has expressed disappointment over not being recognized as the female face of corruption despite her best efforts and has ensured that she will try harder next time and come out with a better scam.