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Shri Rahul Gandhi is planning to bring RagaRajya in India through RagaVeda

31, Jan 2014 By Fakerazzi

After seeing the full interview of Shri Rahul Gandhi with Shri Arnab Goswami (Assamwale), I was first going with the noise created by bhaktas of Shri Modi (Riotwale) who has the misfortune of being the only CM of India having witnessed a riot while being CM.

After a full day, I realized that the real agenda is not fully understood by many. It was even planned in that way to keep it obscure. Big things must be unveiled in great manner. Let me explain it for the benefits of all who could not see the real point here. There are some Hindi words among majority English narrative.

Those of you who have some acquaintance with vedas knows that each sutra could have 100 meanings in 1000 contexts. These were general enough to be applied everywhere. Also we all agree that RamaRajya was the state of affairs when vedas were written. What it shows us? Our rishis were the original customer care executives. They could answer 100 different type of questions with one standard answer. Shri Rahul Gandhi has also mastered the art. He is spreading this knowledge clandestinely since 2004 when he got the revelation. This also explains his vow for brahmacharya.

He is silently giving the knowledge in the ears of all youth, women and minorities (YWM) of India. This explains his absence from public life or reluctance to be specific. Or his nocturnal adventures to reach unreachable. After all, empowerment must start with giving the knowledge of RagaVedas to the vast population represented by YWMs making them equal as others. Shri Gandhi has understood that oppressive Non-YWM forces have used such cryptic 100 meaning sutras to keep YWMs enamored. He has quietly started negating this advantage.

Once this stage is over, Shri Vadra in collaboration with Shri KPS is planning to make vast CCKPs (customer care knowledge parks) in desert state of RaGaPutrana. All empowered YWMs will be placed here thus alleviating the need for more job creations. World is already fond of Indian Yogis. These will be called RaVedis. They will use RG Vs AG script as the bible and geeta of their craft. 100 sutras will answer every questions raised anywhere.

India will again be zero superpower. We will lead the world by making them raise the bar to be able to decipher RaSutras. All Non-YWMs who could not be placed in CCKPs would start teaching the world as to how to decipher the RaSutras. Even they will have employment. Environment will be saved in India since most of us will be in knowledge based industries. CCKP being present in deserts will use solar power, hence energy savings.

Hail hail Shri Gandhi. This correspondent has decided to cast his vote in favor of Shri Gandhi. Please follow me and take part in the enlightenment of world of India. Spread the real news, not the faking news. RaYug is coming under RagaRajya. Read RagaVeda now.