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Shocked by petrol prices, Sanjay Nirupam to now protest outside Mukesh Ambani's house instead

27, Jan 2014 By parthya

Mumbai: Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam, who was already an indefinite hunger strike till industrialist Anil Ambani reduces power tariff, has apparently put the earlier hunger strike on hold. He is now going a new hunger strike outside industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s home protesting petrol prices.

Before the fast.
During the protest.

Nirupam had earlier warned that “Ïf Anil Ambani doesn’t act after my protest fast then I will self-immolate outside his house.”

“Frustrated with Ambani’s inaction, Sanjay Nirupam ji gave me me Rs.100 and asked me to bring 2 litres petrol for self-immolation”, Nirupam’s aide told FN. Nirupam was visibly shocked when told that Rs.100 will fetch only little more than 1 litre. It is learned that Nirupam thought this shock is due to some free electricity supplied by Anil Ambani.

“A common man in this country cannot even afford to self-immolate himself”, the great leader said then.

Immediately, Nirupam asked his supporters to shift to base outside Mukesh Ambani’s house, where he will shortly begin his new indefinite hunger strike. Hunger strike outside Anil Ambani’s house, which is paused at 2 days 5 hours 23 mins, will resume as soon as petrol prices are reduced by 20%.

Addressing from the new venue, Nirupam warned, “If Mukesh Ambani doesn’t act, I will jump from Antilla, since immolation is out of question you see.”