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Shiv Sena to launch its own News Channel

05, May 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

Bombay (sorry Mumbai). Shiv Sena’s new protest against Balman Khan’s new film release faded away as all the so called reputed news channels of our country were busy in providing first and fastest news of Nepal’s quake and its survivors. After this, Shiv Sena has taken unanimous decision to launch its own news channel named “We hate mus***s.”

However, Sena has not received any word from Saditya Thackeray as he was busy in photoshoot with the most talented and famous actor of our country (sorry, world) Bino Morea.

This news channel has been specially launched so that the members and workers of Sena do not sit idle when they do not have any new news to protest against. A young member said that he was very happy with this as by regularly doing protest and rallies with other party members, he can also some day find a beautiful girl like Bumar Vishwas found.

As per the initial investigations by CID, who are always called up to solve any case even before police has registered any FIR as their instincts are sharper than the knife, this news channel will be secretly funded by Sena’s best friend S.Ali Shah Peelani.

When asked about this hot news to Buddhav Thackeray by a famous journalist Huda (surname cant be disclosed) in Hindi, he got furious and asked her to speak in Marathi or else leave Maharsahtra. Always politically correct Aaj Thackeray tweeted, “This is the darkest day in the history of sena. They should learn from NAMASE what politics is.”

All other famous leaders (except R.Gandhi who was busy in learning twinkle twinkle and baa baa black sheep) who were against mus***s tied their hands together to protest against this channel and get the benefit of vote bank politics.

As per our sources, UP and Bihar migrants (including Mr. Bachchan) were in a sigh of relief as this channel was not against them. SR Khan after hearing this news announced his new film namely, “I am Indian”. Our news reporter came across Balman Khan accidently (no, not in a road rash), he asked the public, “Kitne pratishat bhartiya chahte hai ki meri film release honi chahiye?”

Now let us all wait for this news channel to release so that we can receive entertainment and fun even more than Comedy Nights with Kapil.