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Sheila to ban Shiela ki jawaani song

10, Dec 2013 By tanvi160291

Sheila Dikshit has ordered a ban on the panegyric musical ode to her ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’. The song was featured in the infamous ‘Tees Maar Khan’. It stars one of the best actresses in the industry who some believe to be an ardent Congress devotee after her supposed portrayal of the ‘great’ Edvige Antonia Albina Màino in a Bollywood film.

Shiela Jawani
Sheila Ji

The loss in the assembly elections has made her unusually wonky, resources say.

She is said to be suffering from depression ever since the results were declared .The former CM of Delhi is blaming the excessive negative hype created by the media for her recent downfall.

A close ally of hers, who prefers to stay anonymous, has given us proof that she is showing signs of mental instability. She spends hours in her previous chambers and refuses to budge even when the sweepers come in to clean.

She mulls over her younger days and spends all her time looking at videos and photographs of herself. Her well-known obsession with the ‘Shiela ki Jawani’ song has turned upside down. It is said that the song used to be played as an anthem daily in her office right before lunch and tea.

All the staff under her was ordered to dress up like Miss Kaif and display the song stills. A replica of the sets the song was shot on was also built. Every still of the song is practiced well and replicated during the daily five-minute ritual and displayed all over her floor.

On this, the pivotal AAP leader questions the financial sources for the same and brings in the Commonwealth Games street lighting funds into highlight. Sheila (the former CM) refuses to clarify on this accusation. Sources say that the most peaceful time of her day would be when she would walk through the display towards the lunch room admiring and bathing in her own pride. But things have obviously changed now.

Psychiatrists have advised that no line of the song be repeated in front of her. In addition to this, any kind of diaphanous golden materials, ropes, pink embellished blouses and bed sheets have been declared harmful for her mental health. Rumors have it that in case of a re-election; Congress might have already lost their prime representative for the New Delhi constituency.