Monday, 19th February, 2018

Sheila Dikshit promises world class traffic jams if voted to power again in Delhi

01, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: In a pre poll speech in Delhi, Sheila Dikshit claimed that the Congress government still had much to give to the citizens of Delhi after scams and inflation. Talking about Congress’ “hand” in the development of the city state, Ms. Dikshit claimed that her government would gift the city a marquee world class traffic jam if voted back to power again.


“There was a ten day long traffic jam in China whereas here in Delhi, we have managed at best six hour long traffic jams,” Ms. Dikshit said. “I promise that if we are voted to power again we will plan the construction of more BRTs, metro lines and flyovers so haphazardly that Delhi too shall have a world class traffic jam that shall rival China’s famous jam.”

Reacting to the opposition’s claims that the Congress government was responsible for high inflation in the capital, Ms. Dikshit reacted sharply, “Inflation is all part of an economic cycle. People must understand that I am a common housewife too and have been affected by inflation too… I now travel in a Honda City instead of a BMW to save on fuel expenses.”