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Sheila Dikshit breaks down crying after watching Chennai Express' comedy scene "Don't underestimate the power of common man"

24, Dec 2013 By chantubantu007

New Delhi:  The Aam Admi Party has decided to form the government and Arvind Kejriwal will be the new CM. Sheila Dikshit do not want keep an eye on this coverage as she wants some humor to ease the frustration of the losing the CM seat.

Digvijay Singh, Congress spokesperson decided to arrange and invite the former CM of delhi along with all the defeated MLA to watch “Chennai Express” at his residence. “Chennai Express, the highest grossing film of the year is a fun to watch and to shift the focus from the historic coverage of AAP,” said one of the defeated MLA.

“Every one was laughing at loud watching the film but Former CM was composed and calm. She broke down crying after watching the scene where Shahrukh said 3rd time in the movie the same dialogue “Don’t underestimate the power of a common Man,” revealed by one the MLA to the sources of Faking news.

After hearing the news Arvind Kejriwal tweeted “Shahrukh is one of the finest actor in Bollywood who create teary emotions even in a comedy scene LOL”. Immediately after that tweet, Shahrukh re tweeted “Thanks Arvind, All the best for your new innings, Hope I can also win like you against Dhoom3 ‘s collection records..Fingers crossed!! “.

Our sources claimed that if Shahrukh have said that dialogue once this would have not been happened as Sheila ji  controlled herself for long but when she heard that dialogue third time she was not able to hold her emotions.

Faking news reporter claimed that Former Delhi CM was wearing a black sun-glass to hide her emotions  from the media after coming out from Digvijay Singh’s house. Talking to reporters she praised Shahrukh’s work and said, “One dialogue will always remind me of my mistakes and underestimating such devastating powers of common man”.