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Shashi Tharoor secretly met PM Modi, may join BJP soon

06, Jun 2014 By Akash

New Delhi. If our “Khufiya Reporter” is to be believed then Mr. Sashi Tharoor had a secret meeting with PM Modi yesterday late night at later’s residence 5RCR and may join BJP soon.

Every newshour viewer has been observing Tharoor’s change of heart toward Mr. Modi since he led BJP to a massive victory against Congress. He has been constantly showering praises on Modi for his change in attitude and his calmness, inclusive and development agenda talks ever since he assumed Prime Minister’s office.

The all new Tharoor.
The all new Tharoor.

Also his recent article titled “How Narendra Modi May Have Evolved into ‘Modi 2.0‘” for Huffington Post has surprised many and left Congress leaders red-faced. But this secret meeting of his and BJP joining rumors are completely out of the blue and no one speculated about it. Even Arnab Goswami has failed to predict the same.

Congress spokesperson Mr. Digvijay Singh said,” We’ve been observing development of communal traits in Mr. Tharoor since Modi wave started blowing. Now, these communal traits are at their extreme and have blocked his senses and inclined him towards Mr. Modi.

He continued,”We don’t need such communal man in our party. It’s better he is leaving himself otherwise we would have sacked him from our secular party on the orders of Mr. Gandhi.”

Excited BJP workers and party men who were abusing Tharoor for his wife’s death have a change of heart too. They have now started calling him a “Man of Wisdom”.

Internal BJP sources claims that after joining BJP his primary responsibility will be to help many BJP leaders including Mr. Modi and Mr. Rajnath Singh in their English Speaking. Mr. Modi has already decided to spare two hours per day with Tharoor to work on his English till Modi’s US tour in September.

When we contacted Mr. Tharoor he said that we should wait and everyone would get to know my decision in next few days.