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Shashi Tharoor sacked for not liking Chota Bheem's facebook page, Kerala Congress reveals

14, Oct 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala Congress president B N Sudheeran today revealed that the real reason behind sacking Shashi Tharoor as spokesperson is his failure in liking party’s principal facebook page ‘Chota Bheem’ and it has nothing to do with pro-Modi statements.

Sacked for not Liking Chota Bheem!!
Sacked for not Liking Chota Bheem!!

“‘Chota Bheem’ is very important to us.  As quoted by Shri Rahul Gandhi ji in recent AICC conference, Chota Bheem signifies Strength, Happiness, Culture, Tradition, and History which are 5 most critical components of our country and the Congress party. We have already asked all our party leaders to like the facebook page by end of September. Shashi Tharoor has hurt the sentiments of the party workers by not liking the page till now. This should not be repeated again.” said Mr Sudheeran.

Even though there were reports earlier suggesting that the reason behind Shashi Tharoor’s sacking is purely because of praising Modi’s initiatives, Mr Sudheeran condemned any such reports and said “According to our leader Shri Rahul Gandhi ji, Modi is still an opposition leader and praising him do not really concern us. More over we only react on serious issues like Chota bheem. We do not concern about trivial things like Modi, Swach bharat etc..”

“This is not the first time Tharoor facing diciplinary charges.  Earlier, he faced such charges when he did not accept at least one of 519 candy crush requests sent by Rahul Gandhi. “, added Mr Sudheeran.

“Tharoor was already given chances to correct his mistakes” told Sudheeran. “He was asked to Like the facebook page 108 times to come clean.  But, he did not do that, and when asked to give reason he came up with an irresponsible answer saying FB only allows one Like per person”

Shashi Tharoor was not available to comment. Our sources suggest that he had recently met Mark Zuckerberg and requested him to enable multi Like functionality on ‘Chota Bheem’ page.