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Sharad Pawar miffed over not being included in Richest Leaders list

04, Dec 2013 By wackyankit

Baramati. After the recent fiasco over Sonia Gandhi being included in the Huffington Post’s list of richest leaders, Sharad Pawar is reportedly miffed over the report which was released a few days back.

A shocked Pawar
A shocked Pawar

The NCP Chief released a statement that he held assets over $100 billion, among which those worth $99.99 billion are not to be included whilst declaration during elections. Although, he stated that Huffington Post should keep in mind the money he has stashed in Swiss banks.

Pawar claimed that, although the Arab Sheikhs included in the list are super rich, his assets help the economy of Switzerland as well, increasing its purpose. Having been involved in every national scam possible, Sharad Pawar is a versatile politician especially when it comes to crucial jobs that include poor maintenance and rigging results. Although, there is one important area where the leader lacks, that is successful cosmetic surgery.

Sharad Pawar, on his delayed response, explained, “I had gone to Dubai for a business deal with Sheikh Sahab. I was negotiating on a price for the Burj Khalifa. After coming back to India, I learnt that my name had not been included among the richest leaders in the world, despite having had bought the Buckingham Palace just weeks ago. So, I contacted Huffington Post only to find out that my son is their editor.”

Pawar also believes that he should be counted among youth icons like Shahrukh Khan, Rahul Gandhi and Virat Kohli after the recent booing incident at Wankhede Stadium. He said that India needs more youth icons like him to ensure that audiences have a platform to vent out their anger. Also, we couldn’t understand the word ‘Youth’ at first because of his amazing speech skills. It sounded more like a female reproductive organ.