Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Senior politicians follow tradition

19, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Aged politician M. Venkaiah Naidu leaves a fresh example of crying for the political party. He wept bitterly because he regarded his firm attachment to the party. It was like a mother to him in his own words. As he lost his mother at a very young age in his life, he rendered his services to the party caringly. His affection and connection with the party have been with his surge of moving tears from the eyes.

Clarifying is points of view, the senior trusted party leader said that it remained extremely painful to leave the party which was like my affectionate mother. It was also acceptable to me that the party brought me up to this level. Specification for being a little more emotional surrounds around this supposition. He made it clear that he was no longer a part of the party he served for many decades.

Devoted leaders are such kind of nerve as they do not stop to weep for the political party. There will not be enough politicians like him. He maintained an indigenous tradition of lamentation while leaving mother’s house. He is true to his soul. He followed the age-old custom of the country despite being a gentleman. Normally the parting brides weep desperately when they are finally their parental home.  Nevertheless, our elderly politician showed concern more meekly than sheer guts.

He was admired for his popularity in a sense of which new age political workers have not even a perception of senior leaders. In that perspective, there is no reputation of them in the present time. The older politicians’ popularity is encouraging while the fresh group of political workers is comparably negative.  There is a great deal of distinction between the eager politicians who feel for service to the common people and the self-interested party workers desire votes only.