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Senior citizens to form Political Party to protest against Yuva Josh and Youth Empowerment Campaigns

25, Mar 2014 By sushantrath

Faking News has received a copy of letters being circulated among 60 crore seniors citizens for formulating a political party in protest against the “Yuva Josh” and “Youth Empowerment” campaigns of Congress and BJP respectively. They have already formed a hi-tech IT Cell at Gurugaon in the office vacated by AAP recently.

“We are developing apps and database using FORTRAN programming language and we will show the youths that our apps are much more attractive than the Modichur (sorry, Motichur) Android apps used by youths today”, a developer at the IT cell told on condition of anonymity.

Reliable source have informed that the to-be-launched party has highly critical on new political party AAP for neglecting senior citizens in their core team and fielding mostly young candidates.

They have alleged that AAP is not taking advice of MedhaJi. However, they are not sure whether MedhaJi is senior citizen or not. They have requested Election Commission to provide the data of all women to know their age.

One of the senior citizen leaders is very critical on existing political system.  Quoting an old proverb “old is gold”, she said that “Yuva Josh” has taken life of many Indian in past, so experienced people should run the country and youths must be left to play games in their newly purchased smart phones.

However, most of the other party members opposed such idea and agreed that there should by mix of experience and Yuva Josh for running the country effectively.

“We are already in contact to rope in some neglected leaders of other political parties.  We will disclose name of them at appropriate time”, said a senior (!!!) leader.