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Sena MP Vichare spoils Shiv Sena President Udhhav Thackeray's birthday celebrations

27, Jul 2014 By parthya

MUMBAI: ShivSena President Uddhav Thackeray’s birthday party was reportedly spoiled by ShivSena MP Rajan Vichare here on Sunday. Vichare was recently involved in the infamous Maharashtra Sadan incident.

Shiv Sena
Once bitten twice shy

Thackeray, who turned 54 on 27th July, was attending the surprise party thrown by ShivSainiks at Sena Bhawan. After blowing of candles and singing of “Happy Birthday to you..”, Mr.Thackeray proceeded to cut the saffron cake with replica Bhawani-mata talwaar. When Mr.Vichare jumped ahead of everyone to feed the first cake piece to Mr.Thackeray. Apparently, in the ruckus few ShivSainiks were also reportedly injured.

Sources told FN that just as Mr. Vichare was about to feed the cake Mr.Thackeray, Mr.Vichare froze. Baffled Thackeray asked in Marathi, “Vichare vichar kasla kartay? (What are you thinking Vichare)”. To which Mr.Vichare said that he has a question. ShivSainiks anxious to eat the cake demanded, “Vichare vichara (Ask it Vichare)”.

Vichare asked Thackeray whether he is following Ramzaan fast. Thackeray’s reaction can only be described as ‘Dafaq’.

Vichare went on to ask, “if not Ramzaan, has Shraavan started? Or is it Saturday (Day of Lord Shani)? Ekadashi? Amavasa?”. ShivSainiks had had enough when Mr.Vichare went on to ask whether Mr.Thackeray follows “Jewish Shabbos” or “Bahá’í month of `Ala'”.

Vichare’s aide confirmed that recent Maharashtra Sadan incident, when Vichare force fed Sadan Manager who was observing Ramazan fast, has taken toll on Mr.Vichare. He has been studying about fasting in religions to avoid any controversy in future. “I am not sure what was he thinking when he went ahead to feed Uddhav ji the cake. Maybe, it was the excitement,” Vichare aide told FN.

Following the Birthday party spoiler, ShivSainiks have reportedly calling him ‘Bichare Vichare’.