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Seeking to learn from AAP, Rahul Gandhi sends a letter with 18 questions to Arvind Kejriwal

15, Jan 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: Reports coming in from sources in AAP and Congress have revealed that Rahul Gandhi has written a letter to Arvind Kejriwal, in an attempt to implement learnings from the Aam Admi Party within his own party. Coincidentally, the letter contained 18 questions- same as the number of preconditions for support Kejriwal had raised in his letter to Congress before taking their support to form his government in Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi
Tired after asking questions.

Faking News managed to catch hold of the first page of this letter. Excerpts from the letter and some of the questions as follows:

“Hello Mr. Kejriwal

My name is Rahul Gandhi and I want to learn how to win elections from you. Please answer the following questions in thirty words or less. Too many words confuse me.

  1. Who is your favourite animal? Do you like bees?
  2. Have you ever attained escape velocity?
  3. Who is your mummy? What do you do if she is unhappy about something?
  4. Sheila aunty keeps asking me for a job. What should I do with her?
  5. If I wear a muffler and cough a lot like you, will people vote for me?
  6. Mummy is spending 500 crores on my image makeover. How much for your muffler?
  7. My brother in law wants to know if he can get some land in Kaushambi?”