Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Secularists hail BJP leaders for stopping Modi wave

27, Mar 2014 By shabbygame

In a shocking twist, leaders of Secularist parties have hailed BJP leaders for stopping communal wave of  Narendra Modi.

Congress leader Kickvijay Singh declared BJP leaders Secular. He further told exclusively to Faking News that we had tried our best our best to stop Modi wave but thanks to BJP ticket distribution wave has not only stopped but taken a U-Turn.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has declared BJP leaders maha-secular and asked for special package for them.  Meanwhile worried Modi  has asked Manmohan Singh to give him tips how to become PM for net 10 years without doing anything.

On Twitter, Congress & AAP Fans were busy in trending #BlowtoModi. Shocked Modi fans lead by Madhu Warkiss declared this as a master plan to gain secular votes fro Modi. They have already sharing certifcate from secular religious leaders to vote fro secular BJP.

Elsewhere  His Highness Arvind Kejriwal is planning to issue honesty certificate to Senior BJP leaders.