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Secular activists demand Govt to promote 'Terror Tourism, so that terrorists can have gala time killing civilians

07, Aug 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

India: On the lines of medical tourism, some secular liberal activists and journalists are now demanding that government promote ‘terror tourism’ and make conditions more hospitable and welcoming for people who want to visit the country and have a good time shooting around and killing innocent civilians for fun.

Atithi Devo Bhava
Atithi Devo Bhava

Noted journalist and social activist Dr. Mansukh Kharabi who writes for an online news magazine The Saturday Night Expresso, has in fact claimed to have coined the term ‘terror tourism’. In a recent online opinion-piece, he wrote:

“Tourism was and will always be a people’s business. And it’s high time that this country thinks beyond recreational and medical tourism. With the recent arrest of Pakistani terror-tourist Naved Ji, it is apparent that this country needs to be cognizant of this new kind of tourists. People who come to our country to kill and have fun. They stay in our country for long duration, make detailed plans to attack us, they live here, eat food, spend money. In a way they also contribute to the economy. But we should ask ourselves, what are we doing for such valuable guests?”

Later during an audience discussion on a news channel, Dr. Kharabi again raised the point of terror tourism but faced severe backlash from the audience.

“Shall we let the terrorists come into our country and then we should lie down in front of them, and request them to kill us?” asked Rajini Seth, a class 10th Student from Hansraj Model school, fuming in anger.

Dr. Kharabi was apparently taken aback by sharpness of girl’s question and quietly replied, “No I don’t suggest we request them to kill us, but I just want people to respect these ‘guests’ for who they are. And when some politician or journalist talks about adopting them or petitioning for mercy for these ‘guests’ please don’t judge that politician or journalist in a bad way. That’s all I am asking. Is that too much to ask for terror tourism’s sake?”

In this regard Dr. Kharabi is also planning to organize seven back to back candle light vigils next month petitioning Government to release Sulemaan. On being asked who Sulemaan is, Dr. Kharabi told that Sulemaan is a terror tourist who has actually not yet been arrested yet, but would be touring the country next month. Since he may be arrested by the security forces next month, hence Dr. Kharabi is planning the candle-light vigils in advance.