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Secret of Ashutosh's campaign

02, Apr 2014 By khakshar

It has been learnt that the script writer of Mr. Modi’s speeches and the script writer of Ashutosh, the AAP candidate from Chandni Chowak are related by blood. It also shows in the speeches and tweets prepared by them for their leaders.

The script writer of Mr.Modi’s speeches tries to build connections with the place visited and Mr.Modi or the state of Gujarat. Ashutosh follows the same in Chandni Chowk. He has started calling the most ardent supporters of BJP , the  tea stall vendors as Bhai, Chacha nad Mama. It has  however  not paid results as Ashutosh had to escape on Scooter of an AAP supporter as he called many women Behanji in vicinity of Chandi Chowk. Seeing his white hair flutter , the members of the fairer sex were perplexed and  chased him away for not calling “Betis”.

It  is also  learnt that the “typos” are a well thought of strategy by Ashutosh and his team to strengthen the ex- anchor’s Delhi and un English Wallah image.

The citizen journalist while roaming near Nai Sadak , Chandni Chowk that the script writer is contemplating resignation on grounds of not being paid for .

Ashutosh has been the “Torch Bearer” of unpaid Media and he has been practicing the same in his life.  Full sympathy of this unpaid citizen journalist  @khakshar of course rests with the script writer.