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Search committee to find out elephant

11, Mar 2017 By rofl gujju
Have you seen them?
Have you seen them?

Lucknow: BJP won landslide seats in UP but they have yet not decided the name of the CM and cabinet member name. Even before the cabinet formed, Faking news sources get the news that UP’s BJP cabinet going to give order to¬†search out of the Elephant. The whole media is discussing about the 1st probable decision of the UP cabinet about the loan waiver to farmer, FN sources break this news about the committee to search elephant.

Just before a day, on the 10th evening, Elephant was roaring in the Gullies of the Lucknow. After Akhilesh Yadav’s statement about the probability of the coalition with BSP, many were seeing Elephant as the king maker. But the elephant suddenly disappeared form the noon of the 11th.

FN politician analyst believed that there are mainly two reason behind such decision:

1. Tradition of the UP to safeguard animals:¬†Azam Khan’s seven stolen buffaloes found

2. Modi govt took first decision to search the black money and UP cabinet want to extend this legacy of the forming committees ahead.