Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Script of the unreleased Modi radio advertisement

25, Mar 2014 By Devang Pathak


If you are a regular Radio listener ( yes, it still exists), you must have come across the Bhartiya Janta Party advertisements .

They involve corruption speaking as a person and saying that he is leaving the country because Narendra Modi is coming. Then there is one where Development is cheerfully coming to India because Modi is coming too. But did you know this was not the only personification advertisement by the BJP? Here is an exclusive look at an unreleased advertisement by the party.

Person A: Hey! I am here bro!

Person B: Ummm Hindutva? ummm I don’t think you are on the list.

Person A: What are you saying? I know Modi since decades. We have gone through so much. Ofcourse I am there.

Person B: Ummm. They are saying that your friendship with him will be detrimental to our chances. No one from the party has ever denied that they are close to you, they just don’t want the spotlight on you. After May, they will take a call on your placement. You are still in the running.

Person A: But I need to be there. My fans want me to be present.

Person B: So this what we can do. We will disguise you as Development and bring you in. sounds good?

Person A: Hmmm. But how does Modi plan to bring development?

Person B (Loud Laughs): You know what, we have no clue. We will figure out the answer when the question comes. Something catchy for the media bytes and TRPs. Probably something which rhymes.

Person A: Cool. Better hurry up. There is one man trying to get in too. He is creating a scene by crying. I cannot stand it anymore.

Person B: But who is it? what is his name, caste, religion, colour, sex or Gotra??

Person A: He just keeps repeating a sentence: “I am Indian. I am Indian.”

Maybe we know who will win. Maybe they will do as promised. But why wait for them? “Mackle More” (Macklemore’s relative) penned these inspired lines from his song ” Same Love”.

“No vote is going to change us. We have to change us. Whatever Messiah you believe in, they are all the same one. Strip away the hype, underneath its all the same void rust .”

The fight doesn’t end with a vote. It begins with it.