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Schools to hold Bad Governance Day during Eid

13, Jul 2015 By electroman

After holding Good Governance day during Christmas last year and making kids write essays during holiday, the BJP government has come up with a new way of celebrating governance this year. It is the Bad Governance day which will be held during Eid. In a new attempt to poke fun at the minorities, the HRD ministry has sent circulars and rectangulars to all vidyalayas. Madarasas were skipped since they were not considered as schools.

Students will be required to write essays on how to brazen out and occupy ministry posts after being caught falsifying degrees and helping out Fugitives on the run. Kids will also play games by scamming students from other classes by stealing their lunches and pocket money. There will be debates held about current scams and students will be asked to provide points to defend the government. Munde, Tawde and other famous scammers will be in the judges panel. The best points chosen will be used live on Times now Newshour.

Most students were not available to enroll, since they were all unconscious after eating expired chikki. When a few other students complained of burning fever, the government issued purchase orders to purchase Fire extinguishers for 191 crores to put out the burning fever. The remaining students were taught the art of brazening out after committing crime. It is like holding your pee in for 12 hours straight and releasing near a electric pole when nobody is watching. Kids who attended this seminar were given B.Com First year certificates.

When we approached Congress to ask for their opinion. They said that this is why they don’t do any governance, Good or Bad.

Salman Khan has opposed this move by the government claiming this will affect the opening Box office collections of Bajrangi Bhaijaan which is releasing on the same day. Even Sanjay Dutt who was out on his 485th parole supported Salman’s view. The Prime Minister will comment on this issue after he returns from his foreign trip on 20th July-2019.