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Sasikala replaces Donald Trump as the most hated politician in the world

25, Feb 2017 By RT

Chennai. With her announcement to become the chief minister of Tamilnadu, Sasikala replaced Donald Trump as the most hated politician in the world. Even the MLAs who voted for her to be the leader of legislative assembly despised her immensely, it was reported by the local newspapers. When asked, a few of them said they are not happy with the secretive hotel accommodation. The hotel facilities are just awful!

One is happy; another one is crying
One is happy; another one is crying

“The entire state hates her. She is easily the most hated politician in the world, if she can be called that. Even PETA people in Chennai do not like her. By the sheer number of people against her worldwide, she replaces the likes of Yahya Jammeh and Donald Trump. In US, Trump is hated for bad personality and bad policies! Sasi is hated for NO personality and NO policies!”, told an unofficial party spokesperson who does not want to be named.

“Jaya TV, the official mouthpiece of the party pronounces the word Chinnamma about a few thousand times in a day. Earlier, it used to broadcast former chief minister Jayalalithaa’s film songs. Now, the channel broadcasts songs of a little known actress called Sasikala, who acted in a very few Tamil movies. The MLAs and MPs who have named their children as Jayaraman or Jayamalar, now immediately are filing court affidavits to change the names to Sasikumar or Sasikala. This irritates the children and they are against their new namesake too”, a political observer from Tamilnadu told Faking News.

The declaration division of UNESCO which had earlier shutdown the operations had reopened just once yesterday, to declare Sasikala as the most hated politician in the world, it was learnt by Faking News. When asked about this, “Only people have the right to choose a wrong person for the top job in the state. How can a party choose a wrong person to lead us? Let her contest an election! We will democratically elect her and we will not hate her anymore!”, a few people in Chennai commented.

“Let people hate her! It is endearing really! We all know what happened to Trump when there was widespread hatred against him in the USA. Love or hate, our Chinnamma rules the hearts of millions of Tamils. If not officially chief minister, she will continue to be the people’s chief (minister) much in the footsteps of Amma”, a Chinnamma loyalist told Faking News, with a kind of expression on his face, it was difficult for the Faking News reporter to figure if it was love or hate!