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Sardar Rahul Gandhi, the new Avatar

21, Dec 2012 By premdas420

Sardar Rahul Gandhi
Yes, It’s our Amul Baby, our Rahul Baba. After the loss in UP elections, Rahul Baba asked his firangi mom (UPA chairperson Sonia Madam) that how can I improve my image so I can fight against Narendra Modi in 2014 presidential elections?

So, based on Moma’s suggestion, he has now transformed into Sardar Rahul Gandhi. Many Indian’s are still under the impression that Mahatma Gandhi is their ancestor. So, now by adding Sardar before Amul Baby’s name they want to take advantage that even Sardar Patel is their ancestor. They even got the posters out.

Our news reporter heard Sonia Madam saying in her typical hindi (firangi) accent, “Chit bhi meri aur Pat bhi meri”.

During the recent election rally, The Lion of Gujrat, Narendra Modi, advised Sonia Madam that “Sonia ben, I hope that based on the image of Amul baby people don’t confuse Sardar with the Sardar we use in jokes”.

Thats all from reporter premdas420. Stay tuned to get more updates on Sardar Rahul Gandhi.