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Sangh to vitalize opposition with 44+

20, Aug 2014 By khakshar

Many political parties thought  to be part of opposition seem to have deserted the bandwagon.  It has left very few parties opposing the Government in India. Many in the ruling party and the parent organization are worried that India may fall in trap of Hero Worship.

Realization of this fact is more in the Rashtriya  SamaVikash Sangathan. It’s leader is trying to give a Tonic called 44 Plus to the opposition in Parliament.  A couple of days ago a dose of Tonic was injected. It lead to re vitalize the famous DigBhram Singh. Mr.Singh was seen jumping like a boiled egg in water and likening many to Hitler. “Piggy Raja” as he is called now seemed overdosed . How The effect of Tonic off course subsided after two nights is another debatable matter.

Sources however tell a different story. It is a ploy by the ruling Party , a insider told. “While the Parent and Sister organizations will inject doses of Vitalizer , the Government will give an injection of  antidote in a couple of days,” he said. Giving credence to the story is India refusing to Secretary level talks with Pakistan.While the opposition was jumping in daytime , it nearly was listless in the evening. The antidote seemed to have neutralized the effect of Vitalizer.

It is also rumored that the actual reason of huffing and puffing of leaders like Piggy Raja and “Cattle Class” Mr.Garoor are different from reported. It can’t be dealt in detail in our family journal.

Meanwhile a Babaji is experimenting with different formulas of Vitalization and antidotes  in Haridwar.