Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Samay to retire if Rahul becomes next PM

11, Aug 2013 By The Gun

According to the CNN-IBN survey, there is no alliance obtaining a clear majority.. Any alliance could lead the others and there may be a surprising PM of India for the years to come. Although Rahul Gandhi has not been declared as the prime-ministerial candidate of UPA, Samay fears it would happen and the victory of UPA will bother him.

Samay said, “I will be fine if Rahul Dravid becomes the Indian hockey team captain but I can’t see a Rahul Gandhi hosting the Indian national flag on an Independence Day.” He worryingly added,”Main Samay Hoon. I have seen the likes  of Kalidas and Tennali Rama but he (Rahul) stands above the lot”.

As always , Rahul Gandhi was not traced to respond to these statements.In protection of Rahul came honorable Congress veteran leader Digvijay Singh who said, “Rahul ji has a tunch Rolex watch and we need Samay as much as the Samajwadi Party needs IAS officers in Uttar Pradesh.”

Samay who is now known to update on Facebook instead of his more familiar heavenly predictions, is alleged by the Congress to be influenced by the social hype of Narendra Modi. He is reported to have liked Modi’s page and befriended Subramanyam Swamy Although highly active on FB, even ‘Samay does not find time’ for Google Plus

While possibility of any future PM remains, it might happen that a Congress man will change his role and be heard saying, “Main Sibbal Hoon” as a replacement. This will only bring a huge respite to the forced readers of his poems.