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Samajwadi Party leader claims Azam Khan's buffaloes willingly went with the thieves

19, Jun 2014 By newsfaker
target Azam khan

After facing defeat in UP in the recently concluded parliamentary election, the internal fight in SP has surfaced. The leaders are giving statements targeting each other.

In one such development, SP leader Naresh Agarwal gave a statement which is directly targeted on Azam Khan’s buffaloes.¬†While commenting on the UP rape case he said “Even animals can’t be dragged forcefully these days”.

Although animals have nothing to do with the rape case, it appears as if he is trying to point to another high-profile theft case which happened a few months ago in which Azam Khan’s buffaloes were stolen and which saw a few policemen punished.

He is clearly saying that Azam Khan’s buffaloes were not stolen, they willingly went with the thieves. It is still unclear if this is an accusation on Azam Khan or on his buffaloes or both.

This has also given some hope to policemen who were punished in that case.