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Salman Shahrukh hug again; Kejriwal cries conspiracy

20, Jan 2014 By desirants

Reacting to news reports that Salman and Shahrukh hugged again at a recently concluded award ceremony, Arvind Kejriwal claimed that it’s a consequence of clear cut conspiracy by corrupt parties –  BJP and Congress.

Addressing reporters in his daily press conference, Kejriwal mentioned that the recent series of events hints at a larger game plan of the BJP and Congress.

While he had written-off congress a few days ago stating that  the General Elections will be a contest between AAP and the BJP, he took another U-turn from the stated position. Kejriwal mentioned that the BJP and Congress will collude to keep AAP out of power in the General Elections. He also said that both BJP and Congress are conspiring against realization of Kejriwal’s dreams of holding a “desh-darbar” post becoming the Prime Minister. Reliable sources also pointed out that Kejriwal plans to take a train from Kanyakumari to Delhi (just like an ‘Aam Aadmi’) for taking oath as the PM.

Kejriwal said that the recent kite flying event between Modi and Salman was nothing but a public eye wash. Salman (as a representative of Congress) was actually meeting Modi to finalise the seat sharing agreement between BJP and Congress. Also, calling out Shahrukh as the ‘Entertainer of the year’ for Chennai Express and ‘the hug’ was a ploy to appease and hook-in the southern regional parties from Tamil Nadu.

Kejriwal also claimed that he has 375 pages of evidence to prove this!

When journalists asked for a glimpse of evidence, all they could see was a scrapbook with topless pictures of Salman and Shahrukh. There was also a news paper cutting about the famous hug at Baba Azmi’s iftar party.

When questioned about the worth of the evidence, Kejriwal took another characteristic U-turn that the evidence was nothing but a compilation of news reports about the actors which appeared in the news papers.

Concluding the press conference Kejiwal asked the journalists to contact Harsh Vardhan for the evidence and assured that, on receipt, he will institute an enquiry within two hours! Harsh Vardhan was not available for a comment.