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Salman Khurshid seeks PM support

15, Oct 2012 By padbhan

(After reaching INDIA and addressing  the press conference the  union Law Minister Salman Khursheed along with his wife wife Mrs. Louise Khursheed, met the Prime Minister. What has transpired in the meeting is not revealed, but as a prudent journalist FAKING NEWS has collected the details through sources, which are presented here.)

Mr. and Mrs.  Khursheed  enter the Prime Minister’s room. As  they open the door, on the wall facing the door is  a big photograph of the congress party leader . Mr. Khurshhed true to his practice, takes a bow on seeing the photograph and turns to his left to see the Prime Minister sitting behind a big desk, with no papers on the desk, very seriously  watching the photo, as though meditating. To the left of the PM, Mr.V.Narayanaswamy, Minister  of state in PMO is seen sitting. Mr. Khursheed turns to his left and  greets the  PM.   PM greets him back and motions him to sit on his right , where two chairs are put.

Mr.Khursheed introduces his wife, who carefully sits on the chair.PM raises his eyebrow and Khursheed having enough experience of  talking to the PM,  says “ Mr.PM , I have come to talk regarding the Trust”. Immediately, Mr.V.Narayanaswamy is on his feet and shouts “what do you want to talk. You have brought bad name to our 130 year old party. When people who have not set foot in the politics are looting crores of rupees, you were able to loot only Rs.71.00 lacs. The leader is very upset. What kind of minister are you. What will be the fate of our party. Have you ever thought?”

“But, Narayanaswamy Saab, I have done a lot , but the real truth has not come into public domain”

“We are not worried about what has not come into public domain. Does the Media or IAC have iota of proof of your other ventures.”


“There ends the matter. You have not  proved yourself to be fit to be minister” shouted narayanaswamy.”Look how A.RAJA , KALMADI, etc have been able to misuse their position and loot crores and you come with paltry Rs.71.00  lacs.”

“Narayanaswamy Saab, telecom is  panindia issue. My case is related to only UP and that too only a part of UP population, who are disabled were looted. You have to understand my position. Further, my issue was able to distract the nation from Vadera’s issue. Since, a week nobody is talking about Vadera. Is it not a victory for our party?”

“Since, the Vadera issue is sidetracked, MADAM  was gracious enough not to question you” narayanaswamy quipped.

PM signals Narayanaswamy to calm down and looks at Khursheed. Having understood the meaning of his looks , Khursheed slowly says “I want the support of PM, as was given to Mr.A.RAJA”

PM and narayanaswamy look at each other. After a brief lull narayanaswamy turns to khursheed and asks “what kind of support?”

Khursheed looks at his wife, who volunteers “we would be grateful if the PM pats my husband on his back, in public, as he has done to A.RAJA”

PM and Narayanaswamy look at each other.”PM has to take High command permission” says narayanaswamy. PM nods his assent and signals narayanaswamy towards a big RED telephone. Narayanaswamy picks up phone and talks. His words were not audible, but he nods his head and keeps back the phone on the cradle. He turns to PM “sir, I had left the message. MADAM will call us , when she is free”.

All the four wait in silence for about 1 hr. suddenly, the Red phone rings, breaking the silence of the room. Immediately , the PM is on his feet and lifts the phone. Narayanaswamy, salmaan and Louise follow the suit and stand on their foot.

“Good morning, madam. Yes MADAM… I had told him madam. No, no MADAM. Your views were explicitly conveyed MADAM. ….. Okay MADAM……I understand MADAM……yes, MADAM, Yes MADAM” responds the PM in the phone and keeps it back in the cradle after saying “Goodday…MADAM”

PM looks at Narayanaswamy and Khursheed  “ MADAM is still angry for the abysmally low amount of loot. But, considering your past record of defending the family and  moreover, since the Vadera issue has been sidetracked for the past few days, she has asked  Beni Prasad varma to pat you on your back in public. She had informed you to improve your loot. If you fail, you will not get ticket in the next elections”

Thanking the PM and narayanaswamy,  Salman Khursheed and Louise Khursheed  come out of the room, moving backwards, so that they would not show their back the photo of the party leader.