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Salman Khurshid discovers pure motherhood in Sonia Gandhi, under the leadership of bro Rahul

16, Dec 2013 By Manish Aneja

If this world has yet to see a sincere baby, they need to shift their sight to hammock of baby Salman, who is just 60 and discovered pure motherhood in the lady like Sonia Mata, who(Sonia mata) along with her party members have always been irritated by “Bharat Mata ki Jai” slogans shouted in parliament.

This politically pampered motherhood was discovered when Congress lost all 4 states in election results, but Sonia Gandhi not even once abused or slapped Rahul Gandhi. When baby Salman saw the patience and love of Sonia towards her own original son, he felt no hesitation in claiming Sonia his only mother.

Salman Khurshid, the 60 years old baby in the lap of Sonia Gandhi plays with a toy called External affairs gimcrack. He is just too young to understand how the government runs, what he only knows is how to pee inside pants, said Sonia Ji while changing the nappy pad of his newly emerged baby.

This is one of the unexampled affinity in liberated India, where a 60 year baby adopted a 67 year old readymade mother and even shares her motherhood by declaring her an universal mother. Baby Salman is known to be motivated under the leadership, moreover under the brotherhood of Rahul Gandhi. Salman found a true mother in Sonia ji, but never mentioned to have found a brother in Rahul Gandhi, not even a step brother. But he receives the god gifted brotherhood of Rahul by default.

Faking news disclaims whether Salman Gandhi’s(name changed after adoption) discovery is true or false, as the country is going through a critical phase of political flattering and sycophancy. The discovery of this motherly love can be directly linked to the Salman’s discovery of road to PM chair before 2014 general elections.

In a press conference to confess about election results, Sonia Gandhi did not name Rahul as the PM candidate for 2014 elections when asked by journalists. This might have stroke the chord of ‘bright future plan’ in Salman’s mind.

To know the reasons of pleasurable defeat (at least to Indians), she called for introspection, which led baby Salman peek-in inside the mind of his potential mother. Introspection of reasons of defeat turned out to be prosperous for baby Salman, where he mistakenly introspected Sonia rather than introspecting party’s modus-operandi and found some true and pure mother particles in the politics of Sonia Gandhi.