Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

Salman Khurshid clarifies blood comment, says he just wants to open a blood bank

17, Oct 2012 By Sandeep Kadian

Union law minister, Mr. Salman Khurshid has been under fire in social media over a video where he reportedly said, “As the law minister I worked with a pen in my hand, but I can also work with blood.”  He later clarified his comments in a press conference where all journalists except the ones from India Today were present.

Mr. Khurshid said, “I just wanted to set up a blood bank for the poor. Every day you see urgent blood requirement on Facebook & Twitter so there is a great demand for it. The poor people, however, don’t have access to these websites and can’t ask people to donate blood so they need more blood banks in their localities. That was all I was referring to but media has put a spin on it and made me look like a gangster.”

When questioned over his remark that Kejriwal won’t be able to leave Farrukhabad, Mr. Khurshid said “We extend such wonderful hospitality in Farrukhabad that anyone who visits it once is unable to leave. Again media showed it in wrong context.”

When we asked Mr. Khurshid whether blood donation camps similar to the camps held for disabled will be held, Mr. Khurshid demanded to see our ID cards to ensure we don’t represent Aaj Tak. When assured that we are from FN, Mr. Khurshid apologized and answered our question.

He said, “There is no need right now to organize any camp for blood donation. The blood we have sucked from mango man over the years is stored with us. What do you think we did with all that blood? We aren’t vampires. We will utilize that blood for the time being. Later on, we can have a Mango man party similar to my Mango party where instead of sucking mangoes, we will suck on mango man to get more supplies.”

Reportedly, Mr. Khurshid has asked the government to release 10000 Crores for setting up his blood banks. As per sources ,”Mr. Khurshid needs 10,000 Crores to buy the land for these blood banks from DLF who bought this land from Robert Vadra for 100 Crores who bought this land from DLF for 1 Crore after getting a loan of that amount from DLF.”

At this point, our head started spinning and we left the press conference.