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Sakshi Maharaj fans start new party "Baal Bheem Morcha" to lure Rahul Gandhi into right-wing politics

10, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Kanpur: In what seems to be a major ploy to distract Rahul Gandhi and expedite the process of Congress Mukt Bhaarat, die-hard fans of Sakshi Maharaj have registered a new political party which will be called “Baal Bheem Morcha”.

Rahul Gandhi, a Chota Bheem aficionado, has reportedly ordered his party workers to gather and furnish all the details of the new party after becoming insecure with the news that someone was trying to hijack his favorite cartoon character.

“Khabardar agar kisine Chota Bheem ko haath bhi lagaya tho.”

We spoke to Rahul and here’s what he had to say.

“I cannot express what I’m going through currently, it feels like I’m losing something. It is not right on anyone’s part to start a party with Chota Bheem’s name in it. He is every Indian child’s favorite and will always be. He might be wearing a saffron dhoti but that doesn’t mean communal people can claim to be his owners. I have planned a dharna outside Bal Bheem Morcha office where Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia, Keechak, Dholu, Bholu and Indumati will be accompanying me”, said Rahul as he wiped tears with the tissue handed over by Sanjay Jha.

An over-excited Sanjay quipped, “Let me tell you, the BJP is playing with the sentiments of Indian children. The new party should immediately change its name to something communal and not drag kids like Bheem”,  as he stood behind Rahul and tried to soothe him.

Our paparazzi sources say Rahul, clad in a saffron robe, was found roaming secretly in 10 Janpath’s premises as the desire to be the head of BBM party was quite apparent from his body language. Time will tell if Rahul will continue his protest against BBM or join hands with them to wipe out the Congress party forever from Bhaarat.