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Saifai gala was actually 'Chintan Shivir', will now organize Muzzarfarnagar Mahotsav: Akhilesh

09, Jan 2014 By Ashish Kedia

After finally concluding the elaborate Saifai Mahotsav with a star-packed Bollywood night which also included A-listers such as Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit, the UP government finally came back to Lucknow on Thursday morning.

Akhilesh welcoming great thinker Salman.
Akhilesh Yadav welcoming great thinker Salman.

It should be noted that for a fortnight long gala the complete government of UP has shifted its base to the Saifai village, the native place of Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Now after coming back from Saifai, Akhilesh Yadav called on a press conference to clear rumors of UP government ignoring plight of Muzzafarnagar riot victims. He said on the backdrop of Saifai Mahotsav, it was actually a Chintan Shivir which was organized to churn out strategies of good governance. He said the event was very successful and media misreported it in unthinkable ways.

On being asked about why there were so many performances by Bollywood stars, the young CM said that Saifai was a small village and there were no TV sets so to refresh minds after a thoughtful day some performers were have to be called to entertain people.

He strongly condemned that Muzzafarnagar riot victims were ignored amidst celebrations. “On everyday’s every moment our hearts were there at Muzzafarnagar, it was only our eyes and ears which were paying attention to the performances. Neta Ji even refused to shake a leg with many Bollywood actresses due to the plight in his heart. Even I was forcibly taken to the staged and only danced for few minutes. Our sympathies are with the people of the state.”

Shivpal Yadav who was also present at the conference said, “The government shifted its base to Saifai only to understand the problems of people in villages. The first thing everyone reported was the absence of good entertainment facilities, so it was taken care of.”

Akhilesh also announced that in a high level meeting it has been decided that considering plight of Muzzafarnagar victims a similar gala will also be organized their so that people could be relieved of their pains and trauma. He has already ordered officers to readily start preparation for the same.

AKhilesh Yadav will be on leave for 15 days after working hard in Saifai from last weeks. Some other ministers are also going on a foreign trip to refresh their mind after putting fortnight of hard efforts in Saifai.

One minister was quoted as saying, “Everyday there was some or the other entertainment programs, we didn’t even get a day of free time to get relief. It was a lot of hard work and Neta Ji has given permission to everyone to take leave for refreshment now.”

In a separate event Mulayam blamed media and political parties for spreading false rumors on Siafai Mahotsav. He said, “Ye saardi sampadaaik shatiyaan humare khilaaf bebuniyaad afvaahien faila rahi hain, ye ayojan jnata ke hit mein tha aur Janata ka hit mein he humara hit hai.” (Communal forces are spreading false rumors, it was in favor of people, which is also our favor.)