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Sahara chief Subrata Roy to join AAP

01, Mar 2014 By rahulchaphalkar

New Delhi. Sahara group chief Subrata Roy announced today at a press conference that he will be joining the Aam Aadmi Party soon. He claimed that he had an enlightening discussion with Arvind Kejriwal, in which both of them concluded that Subrata Roy will be a valuable asset to AAP. 

“I am an utterly honest man. These ruling party rascals are harassing me for no reason. I shall publish more full page advertisements in every leading newspaper to assert my innocence to the people of this country,” commented the Sahara chief, “I’ll start my own newspaper if I have to.”

Extremely excited after the announcement.
Extremely excited after the announcement.

Arvind Kejriwal also confirmed that Subrata Roy was a very simple and austere man. “He perfectly fits into the ideology of our party. He is a quintessential aam aadmi. I am very certain that the 22,000 crore rupees were acquired legally through honest investors. Both the companies of the Sahara group accused of involvement in this scam, Sahara India Real Estate Corp and Sahara Housing Investment Corp, were aiming to build orphanages, rehabilitation centers and free houses for all the aam aadmis,” he said.

When countered with a doubt about Subrata Roy being an aam aadmi , he being the head of a shady multi-million dollar corporation, Kejriwal said “He is a khaas aam aadmi, just like me. It basically refers to an aam aadmi , but one who is superior than other aam aadmis.”

Kejriwal also claimed that the SEBI and the Supreme Court both were corrupt as they had demanded Subrata Roy to appear before the court when his mother was ill. “If I come to power again, I will make provision in the Lokpal bill which will allow cases to be deferred indefinitely until all family members of the accused are in perfect health,” he quoted.

Later that day, Sanjay Dutt, who till now has never publicly supported AAP, was seen sporting an aam aadmi cap along with a broom in his hand.

The joining of Subrata Roy to AAP will take place by the end of the week, as Kejriwal is reportedly spending some time checking the intentions of Subrata Roy. He possibly wants to avoid any embarrassing situation, like the one earlier this year, when Kejriwal had misinterpreted Robert Vadra’s earlier “mango people” remark as an indication of him wanting to join the mango Aam Aadmi Party.