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Safe exit route for PM Kejriwal decided, this time it will be 'Communal Violence Bill'

27, Feb 2014 By kathputali

When all the parties are mulling to get the magic number to form next government, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) think tank is busy on a bigger issue in hand – planning the safe exit route for the next PM Sri Arvind Kejriwal.

When faking news asked how they are first sure that Kejriwal will be next PM, the ace psephologist Yogendra Yadav said – “Pata nahi jo main dekh pa raha hun, wo aap kyon nahi dekh pa rahe. Our internal survey clearly says that AAP is going to win 180 seats across India and emerge as the single largest party.”

All set

When it was pointed out that 180 is still much less than the magic number 272 to form the government, Yadav revealed his master plan on the conditions of anonymity – “We will take ‘outside’ support from secular parties like Congress, SP and RJD etc. to keep the communal people away. As Kejriwal ji has already said that communalism is a bigger problem than corruption, now our focus is provide a secular government, even if we have to compromise slightly on corruption.”

“But of course we’ll take referendum first.” – he quickly added, waving a letter as a proof that is addressed to 120 crore people asking if AAP should form government at center.

“Our bigger tension is how Kejriwal should let his government fall after forming government.” – another top AAP activist leader, who joined AAP 2 days back, shared his worry.

“Our initial plan was to table Jan Lokpal Bill in parliament, both BJP and Congress will oppose it and then ‘PM’ can sacrifice his post for bigger dharnas issues. However what happened with Telangana bill has instilled a great fear across the party strategists. They feel that in the name of keeping words, a confused and corrupt BJP might support Jan Lokpal Bill even if it is opposed by our own members. We needed to give them the offer that they can’t accept, and that’s exactly ‘Communal Violence Bill’ is. It’s good that many AAP leaders have already started talking about.”

“This on one hand, will expose how communal BJP is, on the other hand will also bring forward Kejriwal as the tallest global leader fighting against communalism. That will be right time when we will start our campaign against communal Democratic and Republican parties in USA for their stand in Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan etc.”

“These two parties are hand-in-gloves. They have fooled the people for 230 years. Aam aadmi is crying for a 3rd option,”  he added.

Asked what will they do if AAP fails to get enough attention in US compared to India on the issue of communalism, a US member of AAP said – “We will go and protest in front of wall street to tell people – “How capitalism is a bigger problem than communalism.”, showing how they are not short of ideas to take the world head-on.