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Saddened by no affair alleged, Kejriwal to go for alleged link-up with Veena Malik

04, Dec 2013 By Baawra Chhora

New Delhi. In a time where Ramdev, Modi and Rahul have all found some female follower ready to marry them, Arvind Kejriwal’s partymen find its shocking that no female celebrity has been either linked up with him or has wished to marry him.

Veena Malik will sing
Veena Malik is excited with this new ‘exposure’.

“BJP and Congress are hand in gloves in this. Both of their leaders have found someone for linkup. While someone did anshan at Jantar mantar for Rahul Gandhi, Narendra modi has Mallika Sherawat behind him. Even Baba Ramdev has found a female enthusiast for God’s sake. They sit in the same and campaign how to keep AAP away from such link-up and the publicity thereon ” said an enthusiastic Kejriwal. ” As for the eligible ladies, so far they were the only options available, but not any more” he further added.

Apparently AAP conducted a survey to come up with best celebrity for alleged hook-up. Yogendra Yadav in a press conference said “We are democratic party, as per the popular demand , the link up shall be alleged with Arvind. We did a series of internal surveys to choose the best celebrity for this. After first round, we shortlisted Venna Malik, Poonam Pandey and  Sherlyn Chopra. The final round was an internal poll and was quite intense. We made sure no FHM , or playboy or internet search could be accessed since a day before the polls. We installed spy cameras  in the voter-volunteers’ rooms and made sure the rules were not broken. Though it did break rules of what our eyes are supposed to see but we came up with a result in the poll next day. Veena Malik has come up as the winner.”

Arvind Kejriwal shall soon hold a press conference where he shall expose a doctored CD on himself, thus showing common-man’s anger on this issue.

P.S. : In  order to save AAP/BJP/Cong die-hard supporters’ time from posting the same, the author would like to state that he is Anti-AAP/sickular/Right-wingi  “respectively” .