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RTI offices flooded with queries to know Rahul Gandhi's IQ after his interview

06, Feb 2014 By brahmu

Rahul Gandhi’s interview by Arnab Goswami has created a world wide revolution. Just after a few days of being aired on television, the aftermath of this interview has taken RTI department by storm.

Rahul Gandhi
Inspirational figure

People from all the sections of the society, especially unemployed Engineers and Chartered Accountancy students have created a wave of filing RTI queries to find the approximate IQ level of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi has suddenly become the hero, an inspiration and a role model of the student class of the society. Pappu Lal, who is known to have failed 5 times in the 5th standard, said,” I was very depressed with my life. I had no girlfriend. My parents were ashamed of me just because I was very stupid. I had no friends and everybody said that I won’t be able to do anything in my life. Then suddenly, Rahulji’s interview changed my live. It has given me a great deal of confidence and has made me a new man altogether. Now, my parents are not ashamed of me anymore, in fact they are very proud of me now as I am not the stupidest person in the world now. Kids of my colony have  started treating me with respect and dignity and street dogs have also stopped chasing me. Its all because of Rahulji. IF HE CAN, THEN WHO CAN’T.”

Unemployed engineers have started to hope again, not because Rahul Gandhi has given them hopes of jobs, but because Rahul Gandhi has a job. So they have also started dreaming of having a job of earning by doing nothing and  then getting promoted to VP of their company. Many students have even changed their names to Rahul and have started boasting of their lower intelligence.

Rahul Gandhi has kindled hope in the hearts of  many by setting a bench mark of stupidy.. oops I mean intelligence.