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RSS offers honorary doctorate to Digvijay Singh

08, Feb 2014 By sudhanshu raj singh

This was due for a long time. If there is one person in this country who can claim of fully knowing and understanding the RSS and the greater Sangh parivar, it has to be Digvijay singh.

Dr. Digvijay Singh
Dr. Digvijay Singh

The former two times chief minister of Madhya Pradesh  worked so hard to achieve  perfection in understanding of RSS affairs that finally the Saffron organisation had to take cognizance of  his efforts.

“We are going to award him with an honorary doctorate degree to acknowledge that there is no greater expert on our parivar than Diggy Raja,”  announced Sangh spokesperson krishna kanhaiya in the press conference specially called for this purpose.

Meanwhile Digvijay singh  perhaps for the first time in his life was extremely pleased with RSS and was already requesting us to call him Dr.Dijvijay singh. He further said that this is a very important step taken by sangh leaders in desaffronization of their organization.

I really welcome this move as facilitating a staunch secularist like me is going to improve their credibility. Sangh Insiders are of view that this  move by the sangh will further encourage liberal people to criticize sangh more severely and it will help them  in getting totally free publicity.

A senior leader on condition of anonymity told us, “Earlier we were not able to attract young people but when people like Diggy started criticizing us, we got much needed media attention and public interest in us rose and it  actually helped us.”